Saturday, 25 April 2009

Forget the marriage choclate!

Whilst getting carried away on my hunt for a recipe for an "economical" chocolate cake recipe I stumbled upon.....this... THE most expensive chocolate cake!
Businessman Angelito Araneta Jr, 21, commissioned his catering service to create a chocolate cake topped with 15 African diamonds and covered with 24-karat gold leaf.
Mr Araneta says he plans to sell the cake in Manila at 124,000 pesos ($13,480) to men for use as a marriage proposal gift.
(Source: MyPaper)
A bit out of budget for me.... so I will settle for Gail's Outrageous Chocolate Cookies or her oozing warm chocolate cake pudding....mmmmm!
Gail's recipes are irresistible at her In all the ways blog.....Will let you know the results after the weekend!

Friday, 24 April 2009

The Beehive Cottage

I just have to tell you about the sweetest Etsy store... The Beehive Cottage. This cute store is owned by Maryjane and she creates beautiful paper goods.... cards, tags, and journals.

The love letters journal is one of my favourites and is a whopping 100 sheets (200 pages)! Click on photos below to go direct to its listing on Etsy.

Maryjane also knits beautifully and I adore her colour schemes for the 100% cotton dishcloths.

Heres a thought.... how cool would it be to use these items to produce a wonderful gift, practical, chic and special! Check out Maryjanes store for more great bargains!

BASB Challenge #11

Today I made this scrapblog so that I could take part in my first ever crafty-challenge. At the moment I am addicted to scrapblog and have spent many hours in this peaceful playground! I see that the ladies that have submitted to the challenge have produced fantastic "real" layouts...I hope they don't mind my digi contribution. I have a passion for old photographs and the one I used is of my mum (in her mums arms) with my grandfather and her brother and sister at a day out at the seaside. The other is a picture of my mum with her "new" grandchildren.

The theme for the challenge is Some old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.
The old - photograph
The new - So many new things for me; scrapbooking,blogging and new friends!
The borrowed - partners lap-top (ssshhh he doesn't know)
The blue - well that would be the slightly blue hue elements

I would also like to dedicate this scrapblog to my sweet Nana as it would have been her 93rd birthday today and we miss her so very much.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Todays scrapblog

Below is todays little creation using Scrapblog, an easy to use drag-and-drop format so that everyone can tell their stories and create beautiful multimedia scrapbooks. A fantastic way to save or present your digital photographs. You can even use the printing options to produce albums, cards and even calanders. There is a free download that lets you create your account with a profile and is jam-packed with free elements. Once you get the hang of the site you can purchase credits to buy premium embelishments etc, but there are oodles of free themes, backgrounds and stickers for starters! There is a forum for help when you get "stuck" or want to contribute some ideas. The great thing about scrapblog is the great community of fellow scrappers... full of praise and inspiration....a great way to meet new friends. Click the Scrapblog link on the left and give it a go! BEWARE scrapping can become addictive! x

I will be showing off more scrapblogs and posting hints, tips and disasters too! Soooo stay "posted"

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Good Morning & Welcome.... my brand-new Blog! The kids are back at school after the Easter Holidays and I am raring to go with lots of new projects. Here is where I will log/blog their progress or lack of etc. The biggie on the list is my stopping smoking....once and for all this time! Other things include, re-shaping my home...i.e organising and decorating, creating more harmony in my home, major landscaping my yard (yeah right...well lets call it re-vamp then).

Unfortunately I'm a bit of a "start -stop-start-stop" kind of gal and have lots of projects on the go at once. Plus all of the daily doings are never planned, they just happen when the mood is right.... so this no-smoking thing....mood...erm....

OK think today would be best spent in the fresh air so I will head into the garden to take a few "before" pics. Will post them later today or tomorrow.

Meanwhile here is a simple collage of my budding Delia making Easter themed cakes with extra crunch. I used a tool in Picasa to make the collage. Picasa is a free digital photo organizer and editor. As a beginner with digital scrapbooking I have found it invaluable and will be posting lots of ideas, hints and tips soon! Download Picasa for free by clicking the link on left and get your pics organised. It is quick and simple to use and the effects you can create are brilliant.