Saturday, 30 May 2009

Meet Christine

Today on the coriandr express we have a very colourful VIP! She goes by the name of Kitty Ballistic and has a store full of quirky goodies sure to put a smile on your face!

Christine is Marlon's (see kitty's shop banner) younger sister. She might be a slip of a thing, but she has hidden depths. She doesn't like giddy people, and gets vexed when people make fun of the fact that her name rhymes. She longs to move to the U.S. or New Zealand, where this isn't a problem.*Christine is handsewn in felt, and lovingly stuffed with polyfill. Her determined gaze is thanks to safety eyes, but she is not intended to be used as a children's toy (but that's more to do with her personality/lifestyle than anything else). Christine is just over 4 inches (10cm) tall, and would ideally suit someone who enjoys reading or working at a computer whilst being watched by a small, intense felt vegetable. :-)

Below is a little gallery of some of Kitty's fantastic handmade items. As you know im a lover of all things beaded and her jewellery items are second to none with great colour and talent. Check out her shop for truly amazing bargain!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweet

I have recently joined the thingy known as twitter! I have to say that although I cant understand properly about the twibes thing, I have been increasingly impressed with the way it helps me to keep in touch with whats going on. As I am one of the train riders on the Coriandr express (promoting handmade lovliness), Twitter has been fab to post links to many friends, keep in touch with fellow train riders and overall keep up with gossip and seeing what the rich and famous have to say too! Anyway....... As im in a twitterpating mood I would like to post a few pics of Julie Mills' gorgeous handmade scarves and purses.... Perfect for chic chicks!

Julie is a talented lady and whilst using high quality fabrics for her items she has a keen eye for wonderful colours. Go visit Handmaid and see what Julie has to offer in her super shop on Coriandr.

Friday, 22 May 2009

Time out

I have had a stressy week so took some time out this arvo with my lovely camera. Here are the results.

Bluefish Handmade

The Coriandr express has the talented Izabela from Bluefish Handmade. Crochet is something I just havent been able to get my rough fingers around, so bluefish is just like a heavenly delight to shop from! It oozes handmade smushyness, comfort and cosyness. Izabels jewelly items are elegant and sophisticated and I doubt you will find a match on the high street. This is the beauty of Coriandr..... so much talent and uniquness that you will always find something to your liking. So take a few minutes to browse as I am sure you will not be dissapointed.

More from bluefish tomorrow.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Listing frenzy

I have got so much jewellery made and have tried to have a blitz listing them today. My Coriandr shop is looking a little better for it but I still have lots to list!

Coriandr is a fantastic place to buy and sell handmade crafts where there are hundreds of amazings items for sale. I am taking part of the Coriandr express that is a train full of people helping each other to promote their craft, the coraindr site and the amazing handmade goods on offer. Our friend in the VIP carriage is Kev of Dig the earth and his cards are not only colourful, quirky and fresh but are eco-friendly too!

Concentricity Card in Rubine Red

Carousel Card No.1

You cant get better HANDMADE value than this on the high street!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Birds nest

I have really loved making my sweet little nests pendant and earrings.
As I sit making more of these with different coloured eggs I ponder..... I have never seen a bird making a nest! Have you ever wondered how they start to build? How do those first beaks full of straw and sticks balance there without dropping to the ground? What about chicks making there first nest....if they cant get the hang of it they can hardly go to a nest seller? This is the kind of daft musings I have whilst working on something! So off to youtube I go. There are lots of vids on there to explore but after being captivated for and hour this has to be my fave.....

This is quite a long vid but also quite funny.... Mr and Mrs have a few disagreements on what goes where!

Monday, 18 May 2009

Dig The Earth

"to forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves" - gandhi
Good Morning!
I have a shop on the ever-growing site Coriandr where I sell my jewellery (and eventually other handmade goodies). I am excited to be part of the coriandr express which is a promotional train with its own blog. Here you can find amazing handmade items for all tastes and budgets. One of my favourites is Dig the earth. The artist (Kev) produces cards retro style in his geometric illustrations.


Kevs work is vibrant and he is the "king of Ecofriendly"! As he describes his cards himself.... Litho printed in Yorkshire on 100% recycled white board. Each card comes with a 100% recycled C6 brown craft paper envelope inside a clear biodegradable bag. The bag is made from corn starch which is fully biodegradable and compostable, breaking down to just CO2 and H2O – as green as you can get!

Other gorgeous items that Kev produces are his line of ornate mirrors with detailed hand drawn designs.
This 10" square pine mirror frame has been lovingly decorated with hundreds of tiny hand drawn spirals, using waterproof permanent ink.

Coraindr is a fantastic site for all handmade items and a very friendly community for sellers too.

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Lost in the WWW

As you will see I have now opened my online shop to sell my creations. This was the easy bit! I have spent HOURS and hours sifting through pages and pages of appropriate websites to help me out with marketing etc. Needless to say I have been going to bed and dreaming of a clicking mouse! I am a bit of a techo-hijit and learn as I go along but boy do I get lost with all! Anyway Im plodding on and trying to cut down on the hours I spend sitting at my computer and spending more time creating.....and erm catchng up with housework (suppose).

How do you organise your time with having an online shop? Even if you have no sales?

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

My new shop!

Well here it is..... I am still listing items so bookmark the store and please keep checking. Soon to be filled with lovely goodies for gifts or something special for yourself.... without breaking the bank!

Thank you for looking...... Have a great day!

Monday, 4 May 2009

New Website.... under construction!

For the past week I have been photographing and listing some of my "Sweet Treats". The website isnt ready for launch yet but watch this
space! Here is a sneak preview .....