Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Lost in the WWW

As you will see I have now opened my online shop to sell my creations. This was the easy bit! I have spent HOURS and hours sifting through pages and pages of appropriate websites to help me out with marketing etc. Needless to say I have been going to bed and dreaming of a clicking mouse! I am a bit of a techo-hijit and learn as I go along but boy do I get lost with all! Anyway Im plodding on and trying to cut down on the hours I spend sitting at my computer and spending more time creating.....and erm catchng up with housework (suppose).

How do you organise your time with having an online shop? Even if you have no sales?


  1. those things in your shop are amazing. I wouldnt mind having one of this, would even buy, unfortunately am having issues with anything except russian currency :|

    good luck with the shop.. am sure you will have success!!

    The Colors Magazine

  2. You sure have some interesting items there!

  3. Hmn. Well, I'm no expert on this, but I'd only try for an hour a day maximum on anything new- and write down or book mark places to look at the next day that you happen to stumble upon. Then half an hour or so on keeping up with the ones you're already using, such as forums.
    You need time to be creating your things, rather than days and days of promotion, though it might be worth spending more time early on, or on a day you're really getting into it.

    Because I tend to get sucked in for five hours at a time and then I don't do anything else all day.

  4. Good luck with your online shop.

  5. Beautiful like you